If the company turnover exceeds 50 000 NOK (approx. 5 000 EUR) it is necessary to have it registered at Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises and submit the VAT registration form. The registration process might be slow and some documents might be requested to send in paper.




AS, Limited liability with shares in Norway

NUF, Branch in Norway

-share capital 30 000 NOK

-no share capital in Norway

-VAT report every 2 months                    

-VAT report every 2 months                    

-full accounting needed                          

-full accounting needed                          

-salaries have to be reported in Norway

-salaries have to be reported in Norway

-risk limited in share capital in Norway

-risk could reach mother company in home country

-employees pay tax in Norway                

-in some limited cases possibility to make under 6 months installation project, where company and employees pay tax to home country

-highly trusted in Norway                        

-poorly trusted in Norway, difficult to find clients or partners for cooperation



Limited liability company is the most common business form in Norway and is usually registered by small and medium businesses. With this type of legal entity, the minimum share capital is 30 000 NOK (approx. EUR 3 200).

Opening this kind of company is possible with one founder acting as board leader. General meeting and the shareholders are taking all the major decisions. It is possible to have several board members and Managing director. The capital of such a company is divided into shares and the decision to transfer these shares can be taken only by the majority of the votes of the board members. It should be noted that when establishing a limited liability company, there have to be at least 50% of board members who are a resident of Norway or resident in one of the member states of the European Economic Area.

Joint stock company is a business form mainly for bigger companies. The required capital that is divided into shares cannot be less than 1,000,000 NOK (approx. 110,000). The capital is divided into stocks and can be listed in the stock market. General decisions are made by the general meeting of the shareholders, whereas the daily decisions by the members of the management board.


NUF is a Norwegian branch of a foreign company which is subordinate to the foreign company. The foreign company is responsible of the Norwegian branch and they must follow Norwegian rules. The branch has to assign a contact person who has a Norwegian national ID or D number, there is no requirement that the person has to be a resident of Norway.

If you are planning to start a short-term project in Norway NUF might be a suitable choice. Whether NUF is liable to pay taxes to Norway must be assessed case by case. It is possible to pay taxes to home country only in certain conditions. If employee is working in Norway for at least 184 days, he is liable to pay taxes in Norway from the first working day.


Private person is able to register as an entrepreneur. The single-person business is the easiest and cheapest way to start a business in Norway. The profits of this form of business is that the entrepreneur can do as he/she wishes. However, the entrepreneur does not have same social benefits than the employee as he/she is not classed as employee. Sickness benefits are lower, and there are no unemployment benefits. Tax liability have to be paid in advance, 4 times a year. This could cause cash-flow problems in starting phase. The owner has full personal liability, including all debts. This form fits best for very small business, where the risks are low.


Standard VAT rate in Norway is 25%. Reduced VAT rates are also applied in Norway. On foodstuff and beverages VAT is 15%, certain cultural and sport activities; transport services are 12%, 11,11% on supply of raw fish. Art and education are VAT free. Norway is not part of the EU so any sale from a Norwegian business to a client in the EU is considered an export from Norway. Norwegian exports are exempt from VAT. All work in Norway is under Norwegian VAT regulation, and all companies doing work in Norway have to register Norwegian organization number and register at VAT register, when yearly turnover exceeds 50 000 NOK.


Norwegian corporate income tax is 23%. If the documents are submitted late or incorrectly the Norwegian tax authorities are charging high penalty fees.


Audit is needed when yearly turnover exceeds 6 million NOK or average amount of employees reach 10.


In Norway, there is no general minimum wage. However, it is necessary to follow the trade union contracts. Employment contract has to always be written. Temporary contracts are limited. More info you can find on: www.arbeidstilsynet.no. Employees have to apply for a tax deduction card, which shows how much your employer has to deduct before the salary is paid. If the employee does not have the tax card, tax deduction is 50% of the salary.


For AS registration Norwegian State charges 6797 NOK (5570 NOK for electronical registration). Electronical registration is possible if board members have Norwegian identification number.

For NUF registration, the Norwegian State charges NOK 2832.

Leinonen office charges fixed price of 5000 NOK (+VAT) for the whole establishment process.


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